Defense programs that need to connect to the network are required to meet net-readiness requirements, to
include Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter (NR-KPP) compliance. Programs have generally had difficulty
in developing derived requirements from the NR-KPP Compliance Statement.
The Navy’s Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter (NR-KPP) Implementation Guidebook, developed by the
Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (ASN) [Research, Development, and Acquisition (RDA)] Chief
Systems Engineer (CHSENG), clarifies the definitions of net-readiness and the NR-KPP. It also describes a
refined NR-KPP Compliance Statement that programs can use as a template for their derived NR-KPP
requirements. This Guidebook provides Program Managers, Systems Engineers, and Test Engineers with a
methodology for decomposing the NR-KPP Compliance Statement into measurable and testable derived
requirements that they can address using their normal Systems Engineering Process. The Four-Step Process
includes the following activities:
* A Mission Analysis (MA) to determine derived NR-KPP Operational Requirements in terms of missions,
mission activities, and associated Mission Effectiveness and Operational Performance Measures.
* An Information Analysis (InA) to determine the derived Operational Information Requirements in terms
of required networks, mission thread, Information Elements, and associated Operational Performance
* Systems Engineering (SE) to decompose the derived requirements defined in the MA and InA into
System Performance Requirements for use during System Design and Realization.
* Documentation of the Four-Step Process according to engineering best practices and Compliance
Measures in the NR-KPP Compliance Statement.
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Author Biography:
Lesley Painchaud is a retired US Navy commander, now working as a scientist at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia. She is the current president of the Central Virginia Chapter of INCOSE. Ms. Painchaud is serving on a rotational assignment with the office of ASN RDA CHSENG in order to assist with implementation of the Navy’s NR-KPP Implementation Guidebook by working with Navy and Marine Corps programs that are engaged in meeting the NR-KPP compliance requirements. Ms. Painchaud has a BA degree in Economics from the University of South Florida, an MA degree in Economics from the University of Oklahoma, an MS degree in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School, and an MS degree in Engineering Systems, also from the Naval Postgraduate School.

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