Date/Time: Saturday, May 7th 10:00 am to 3:30 pm

Location: Brio Tuscan Grille, 7854L Tysons Corner Center, McLean, VA 22102

Cost: $65 per attendee.  Lunch is included.

Tutorial Abstract

Though models and modeling techniques have always played a key role in systems engineering, model-based has now become the hot topic in systems engineering. Organizations are investing heavily in developing new representations, standards, methodologies, and technologies to transform the practice of systems engineering through model-driven paradigms. As we look at the landscape today and the roadmap tomorrow, projects and practitioners are striving to make sense of this movement – What does MBSE mean? What would it take to realign our practices? What return on investment will it deliver, now and in the future?  Assessing the state of systems engineering, the needs of our customers, technology and environmental trends, we will look at what model-based systems engineering is and is not. Most importantly, we will identify opportunities, enablers, obstacles, and threats that will help determine if model-based systems engineering will ultimately transform systems engineering or simply be the next failed silver bullet.

The tutorial will cover the following topics:

MBSE Domains: Requirements, behavior, architecture, and verification and validation

MBSE Systems:  In order to be understood the systems must be managed in three settings: the system being designed to solve the problem at hand, the system in which the problem arose and the solution will operate, and the system being used to solve the problem.

MBSE Approaches: Analytically as a set of functioning parts and synthetically as a whole whose capabilities exceed the mere sum of the capabilities of those parts.

MBSE Key Concept: In order to understand the system we must not only understand the pieces and parts of the systems affected but we must understand the relationships and interactions among them.

This tutorial will be presented by Vitech Corporation’s Vice President of Professional Services, Zane Scott, will cover the topic of Model Based Systems Engineering from a business process perspective. Zane will approach MBSE as a powerful problem solving tool capable of tackling not only technical designs but process improvement and change management problems.  Using the “four, three, two, one” framework we will explore the basic MBSE concepts as applied to practical problem solving.


Mr. Zane Scott is the Vice President of Professional Services for Vitech Corporation where he leads the consulting services. He received a BA in Economics from Virginia Tech in 1977 and a JD from the University of Tennessee in 1981. He also did graduate study in Counseling at Virginia Tech and in Business Management at the University of Tennessee. For more than six years immediately prior to joining Vitech he worked on DoD contracts analyzing and improving processes and applying best practice models (e.g.- CMMI, Lean Six Sigma) using MBSE and Vitech’s CORE® to provide the modeling support. Zane has taught in a variety of disciplines in college and professional classes. He practiced law for 18 years focusing on litigation in private and public positions which included governmental regulatory practice at the Federal, State and local levels. He speaks often on communication and conflict management.