Date: November 12 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Location: MITRE Room 1H300- 7525 Colshire Drive, McLean, VA 22101

Cost: $60 includes lunch (50% discount for student members of INCOSE chapters)

Developing large and complex systems continues to be a significant challenge for today’s systems engineers and integrators. This tutorial suggests some new ways of thinking that could lead to improvements in how systems engineering and integration are carried out. Nine new perspectives are set forth for “thinking outside the box”. Examples are provided for each along with a discussion of their potential benefits. In addition, thinking in groups as well as historical thinking suggestions are examined. A summary provides an overview of the suggested notions that represent departures from mainstream approaches.

Primary Objectives:

n  Convey nine specific approaches for “thinking outside the box”

n  Examine implications and examples of carrying out the above approaches

n  Make available key information that the participants can use immediately as practicing systems engineers and integrators

n  Provide exercises for participants to work with and reinforce concepts

Experience Level Suggested:

Bachelor’s degree and at least two years as a working engineer, scientist or mathematician

Instructor: Howard Eisner, Ph.D.

Dr. Howard Eisner joined The George Washington University (GWU) in 1989 after 30 years in industry as a research engineer, manager and president of two systems engineering companies (Intercon Systems Corporation and the Atlantic Research Services Company). He has written five books on systems engineering, management, and related topics. He currently serves as Distinguished Research Professor and Professor in the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department at GWU. He is a Life Fellow of the IEEE, and a Fellow of INCOSE and the New York Academy of Sciences. He holds the following degrees: BEE, City College of New York, 1957; MS, Columbia University, 1958; Doctor of Science, The George Washington University, 1966