Date: January 28, 2012
Location: Amphora Restaurant
1151 Elden St.
Herndon, VA 20170
Start Time: 8:30 AM
Cost: $20.00
Presentation Title: Tutorial: Lifecycle Modeling on the Cloud – An Approach to Simplified, Rapid Development, Operations and Support
Author’s name: Steven H. Dam, Ph.D., ESEP
Description: The cloud provides an opportunity to model large systems of systems, which contain hundreds of thousands to millions of element. However, that many elements mean the design information will be very complex. In addition, most modeling and development techniques focus on a particular niche area, such as systems or software development, but systems engineering was intended to cover the entire lifecycle. Dr. Steven Dam has developed a methodology that reduces the complexity of the technique ontology and logic depictions. It also cuts through the different techniques (SysML, UML, BPMN, Electrical Engineering notation, etc.) to span the entire lifecycle and enables translation into any of these other forms. This tutorial will discuss:
• Value of cloud computing in systems engineering throughout the lifecycle
• The breadth of languages used today for modeling portions of the lifecycle;
• Describe a new Lifecycle Modeling Language that enables modeling in all domains, from
• Concept Development through Disposal, including the necessary programmatics;
• Discusses a process that uses the LML technique to model the entire lifecycle;
• Introduces a new prototype for lifecycle modeling and simulation;
• Discusses how this new approach can cut the cost and time required for development.
Menu: A light breakfast will be served during the tutorial.