Date: March 13, 2012
Location: Amphora Restaurant
1151 Elden St.
Herndon, VA
Start Time: 6:00 PM
Cost: $20.00

Presentation Title: “The Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering (BKCASE)”
Presenter: Dr. Arthur Pyster
Description: The Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering (BKCASE) Project is a community effort that is creating the authoritative Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) and the Graduate Reference Curriculum for Systems Engineering (GRCSE). BKCASE, which began in 2009, as a joint project of Stevens Institute of Technology and the Naval Postgraduate School, is sponsored by the Department of Defense through the Systems Engineering Research Center with primary support from INCOSE, the IEEE Computer Society, and dozens of volunteer authors from around the world. Both the SEBoK and GRCSE are being developed incrementally with cycles of public review and are now mature enough for early adoption. By the end of 2012, version 1.0 of both documents will be published. Of special note is the use of wiki technology for the SEBoK, which will enable much more rapid evolution and update of the SEBoK through broad community input than would be possible if it were published as a traditional PDF document. This talk will explore the history of the BKCASE project, explain the content of both the SEBoK and GRCSE, and discuss their anticipated use.

About the Presenter: Arthur Pyster is a Distinguished Research Professor in the School of Systems and Enterprises at Stevens Institute of Technology and the Deputy Executive Director of the Systems Engineering Research Center, a Department of Defense University Affiliated Research Center. Before joining Stevens in March 2007, he served as the Senior Vice President and Director of Systems Engineering and Integration for SAIC. Earlier, he served as the Deputy Chief Information Officer for the Federal Aviation Administration and held several other executive, management, and technical roles in systems and software engineering. Dr Pyster is an INCOSE Fellow, their Director for Academic Matters, and sits on their Board of Directors. He has a PhD in computer and information sciences from Ohio State University. His recent research has focused on advancing the systems engineering workforce and the systems engineering discipline through leadership in the BKCASE Project, which is producing the authoritative systems engineering body of knowledge and a graduate reference curriculum for systems engineering.

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