System Engineering For Service Oriented Architecture
Instructed by Joe Iaquinto

Date: November 17, 2012
Time: 8:30 a.m. –  4:00 p.m.

MITRE Corporation Room 1H300
7525 Colshire Drive
McLean, VA 22102

Cost: $50 – INCOSE-WMA Members, $70 – Non-Members, $25 – Student Members

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System Engineering for a System that derives significant content from services, either business services or software services (SOA) is quite different from established practice. The DODAF 2 standard provides little guidance and can be very confusing at times as it addresses services. This tutorial prepares junior, intermediate and advanced System Engineering practitioners to pragmatically and successfully handle these kinds of systems. The tutorial first presents all of the practical fundamentals required to understand service based systems and then provides detailed tailoring instructions for the preparation of the CONOPS, the Enterprise Architecture and the System / Service Requirements. Given that the material for this tutorial is derived from hands on service oriented system development and system engineering experience, it does not duplicate material you may have been exposed to in academic course work or in the literature, but rather complements any prior training you may have had. Upon completion of this tutorial the attendee will have a through understanding of service based systems and a set of practical checklists and heuristics that aid in the rapid and successful preparation of these key system engineering artifacts.

This tutorial consists of eight topics that are presented in eight 50 minute sessions (the remaining 10 minutes of each hour are break time). Each 50 minute session is planned to consist of approximately 40 minutes of lecture followed by approximately 10 minutes of facilitated discussion questions. Please bring your SOA Architecture and System Engineering problems to the tutorial for discussion.

Topics Covered include:

1. Introduction – A survey of the tutorial
2. The Business Motivation for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
3. Some Software Development Fundamentals
4. How Problematic is SOA?
5. SOA and the Preparation of the CONOPS
6. SOA and the Preparation of the Enterprise Architecture
7. SOA and the Preparation of the System / Services Requirements Document
8. Recommended System Engineering Practices When Dealing With SOA

About the Instructor

JOE IAQUINTO is a licensed, practicing engineer currently employed by TASC as a system engineer and enterprise architect. He has held a variety of software development and system engineering positions in a broad variety of enterprises including engineering, manufacturing, banking and finance, telecommunications, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement. He has developed a number of software intense systems using SOA as well as provided system engineering services in support of successful SOA based systems implementation. He has held a range of titles from SE trainee to VP of Engineering. Mr. Iaquinto earned a BSEE in Automatic Control from Drexel University and an MSEE in System Theory from Stanford University.