Tutorial Name: Security Systems Engineering
Presenter: Dr. Janet Oren
Date: Saturday May 18th, 2013
Time: 8:00am – 12:00noon (coffee and pastries provided)
Location: GMU in Fairfax, Room: ENGR 1101 Jajodia Auditorium
Cost: Free ($3 per hour charge to park)

Register at: incosewmamaytutorial2.eventbrite.com/

The Systems Security Engineering (SSE) discipline is responsible for the identification, specification, architecture, and design of protective measures that mitigate life cycle system security risk. This tutorial will present the methodology and execution examples that will be captured in the new NIST Special Publication 800-160. The session is designed for beginning practitioners, Systems Engineers, Program Managers, and others with a need to understand the role of the SSE in relation to a particular system.

Dr. Janet Oren is the Technical Director in the Architecture Group of the Trusted Engineering Solutions Directorate. She addresses systems security engineering challenges on a wide variety of systems and leads multiple efforts aimed at advancement of the workforce to meet the ever changing environment that they work in. She is also an Associate Graduate Faculty member at Townson University. Dr. Oren has served as the Senior Systems Security Engineering on the Joint Strike Fighter and F-22 program, was a member of the Encryption Policy team that wrote legislative changes for release of cryptographic products outside of the United Sates. She also served a tour in the National Security Operations Center as the Senior Information Protect Officer, and played a key role in the Solar Sunrise network attacks. Dr. Oren has many certification including: Information Systems Security Engineering Professional, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and Certified Security Software Lifecycle Professional. Dr. Oren has two B.S. degrees, two M.S. degrees in Computer Science, and A Ph.D. in Systems Engineering form Stevens Institute of Technology.