As Past-President, it is my pleasure and honor to congratulate the new INCOSE-WMA Board members you –the membership– have elected to serve you for 2014.  They are:

Gina Guillame-Joseph – Vice PresidentPresident-elect
Tim Everleigh – Director at Large
Kathryn Laskey – Secretary
Janet Gelderman – Tutorials Chair
Vikram Chauhan – Membership Chair

They will be joining the remaining INCOSE-WMA BOD who are:

Kevin Weinstein – President
Kristine Hejna – Past-President
Steven Dam – Programs Chair
Kimberly Page – Treasurer
Tolis Vranis – Director at Large
Daniel Hettema – Communications Chair

Please watch site for details and to register for the January meeting where the new officers will be sworn in to their positions.  They will each have a few minutes to introduce themselves to you and talk about what they hope to bring to the chapter through their involvement.

Of all the board members, only I will be retiring from the board this year.  It has been a great run, and I have enjoyed serving you as a member of the Board for the past 5 years, first as Director-at-Large for 2 years, then as Vice-President, President, and Past-President.  I will remain involved, and hope to continue to see you at future chapter meetings!

-Laurie Nasta