Thank You!

Without you our volunteers engaging with the children that visited the INCOSE WMA booth at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, our participation at the Festival could not have been possible. INCOSE WMA presence at the Festival was a huge success because of you!

Your enthusiasm for systems engineering no doubt inspired the students, parents and teachers that visited our booth! You can view a picture of the event and some of our volunteers at the INCOSE Facebook page.

The WMA Board of Directors and I would like to personally thank:
Melissa Emery
Patrick Emery
Liana Algarin
Chris LoGrasso
Surina Kennedy
Gloria Pumpuni-Lenss
Kanan Shah
DeAnthony Heart
Kris Hejna
Rose Tyksinski
Dr. Marc Calix
Judelande Calix
Kevin Thai
Al Seamon
Danica Tan
Ramah Muralidharan
Cynthia Walker
Thomas Britten
Dr. Tim Eveleigh
Bill Mulokey
Mitra Galt
Bob Green
Clyneice Chaney
Mary Burleigh
Marcus Edwards
Daniel Hettema

Thank you for making our debut exhibit a success!


Gina Guillaume-Joseph
INCOSE WMA, President Elect