Cloud Design Patterns is a community project to foster informed adoption of the cloud. The Thomas Erl style of presenting complex technology through core principles, in a way where the concepts are readily grasped by IT professionals and managers alike, is timely with the accelerating adoption of the cloud and the need for education and understanding of state-of-the-art technology innovations.

Cloud Design Patterns is looking for security professionals to review the draft cloud security patterns. The goal is to provide a representation of security patterns across a broad taxonomy, including Service Platforms, Storage, Network, Identity and Access Management, Trust Assurance and General Topics. Draft Cloud Security Patterns are available at: With more being added daily.

Reviewers will receive acknowledgement in the Thomas Erl’s upcoming book ‘Cloud Design Patterns’, Reviewers with significant contributions will become co-authors of the subject pattern and be mentioned on the cover of the book as contributors.

Check your email for contact info about how to become a reviewer.