On Wednesday, September 13, 2017 @ 6PM-9PM

Presented by Viqar Hussain, J.D

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Despite provision of world-class quality health care for some Americans, the current U.S. healthcare system is beset by major problems such as a high number of uninsured citizens, administrative inefficiencies, high cost, and lack of timely medical care delivery. Attenuating these problems is the complex, cost prohibitive and time-consuming commercialization process for healthcare technologies. This is riddled with challenges such as regulatory, early-stage funding, insurance reimbursement, and protecting intellectual property. For instance, in order to get FDA regulatory clearance for a medical device it may take 2-5 year, and to get an approval for a drug it could take 6-9 years. Additionally, increased political pressure is transforming the current fundraising model with respect to government research and small business grants. This interactive presentation will highlight the entrepreneurship complexities of innovating within healthcare and provide an overview of core legal and regulatory challenges. We will also discuss how core Systems Engineering principals are currently being applied within healthcare and its potential to expedite healthcare innovation.

Presenter Bio:

Viqar Hussain, J.D, is with Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV), the corporate venturing arm of the university and hospital, which facilitates the translation and commercialization of research into accessible benefits to society in the form of technologies, products, and services. At JHTV, Mr. Hussain has development a Technology Commercialization Ecosystem to assists with management and commercialization of healthcare and engineering technologies. This management process and is a holistic approach that takes into account the technical process, market risks, regulatory and intellectual property hurdles.

In the past, Mr. Hussain has been part of several biotechnology startups that originated as ideas or projects out of MIT and Harvard. In the process of building a business around these ideas, Mr. Hussain has led several interdisciplinary teams comprising of researchers, clinicians, engineers, and entrepreneurs. He has won multiple innovation awards, participated in several technology accelerators, and has been featured in prominent outlets such as MedTech Boston, Yahoo Finance, Boston Metro, and NPR. While there are numerous failures, his success sorties include partnerships with Google Ventures, Massachusetts General Hospital, and other foundations.

Mr. Hussain has a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Biochemical Pharmacology, a Masters in Biotechnology, and a Juris Doctorate with concentration in Intellectual Property. He is an alumnus of State University of New York at Buffalo, Albany Law School, and Harvard University.