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Dear WMA chapter members,

Several current and former WMA board members just returned from INCOSE’s International Symposium 2017, which all refer to as IS 2017, and was held in Adelaide, Australia. More information regarding the IS 2017 symposium, next year’s IS 2018 (being held here), and thoughts about 2017/2018 in general will follow in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I suggest you check out the INCOSE YouTube site.

There were several very good keynote speakers at IS 2017, and I would suggest that you listen to Dr. Tomohiko Taniguihi’s talk about the Japanese Bullet Train (very fascinating). You will have a new term to use “Shinkansen” , and I would pay attention to the first 30 seconds of his presentation where he mentions how SE is used in Japanese schools. You should also see Australian Air Vice Marshal Mel Hupfeld’s discussion on how they are trying to change the Australian Department of Defence acquisition and program management. AVM Hupfeld is a former F-18 pilot.

The INCOSE YouTube site also has other videos from IS 2017 and International Workshop (IW) 2017 (held in Torrance, CA last January). The videos from both events offers some good insight into INCOSE as an organization and the growing field of Systems Engineering.