On Saturday, September 30, 2017 @ 9AM-Noon

Presented by

Larry Kennedy, Ph.D., CEO, Quality Management Institute
Barclay Brown, Ph.D., ESEP, Global Solution Executive, IBM





Most industries want to increase quality without increasing development cost and time, but making quality the responsibility of the quality control and inspection functions can’t alone prevent defects. Complete QM must include well-designed quality assurance initiatives and the components of built-in quality to have its full effect. Improperly depending upon verification and validation also extends an incomplete approach to quality management, if it lacks the proper “requirements interrogation” at each iteration. If you’re setting targets and goals and relying on acceptable quality levels and defect rates, you’re ironically ensuring defects are experienced by more customers than you intended. Complete Quality Management is dependent upon the complete conformance to our customer’s requirements with an emphasis on improving the work culture of the people and the processes and the tools they use.
What can a systems engineer do about this? Embrace the 2nd Quality Revolution—a values-based, full-lifecycle approach to preventing defects from ever occurring in the first place, and apply systems thinking to optimize design, development and production work processes.

In this tutorial, we’ll show specific techniques that systems engineers can use to provide leadership in the organization, solve problems using systems thinking and build toward a quality-oriented values culture.

Location: ONLINE- Skype Webcast and Phone https://meet.mitre.org/skhan/7L57F7ZB
Phone: 703-983-2020 Conf. ID: 6893344

Presenters Bios:

Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Brown are the co-founders of the new INCOSE International Working Group on Systems Engineering and Quality Management.

Dr. Larry Kennedy is the Founder and CEO of the Quality Management Institute.  His inter­disciplinary background in engineering and business, together with his practical experiences as a nonprofit trustee and foundation executive have uniquely prepared him to evaluate and train managers. With over thirty years of Quality Management experience in aerospace, business, and as a management consultant and trainer, he has a broad perspective on management reform processes.  He was also mentored by Phillip Crosby, the world-renowned Quality Management executive, and he has provided consulting services to businesses and nonprofit organizations over a broad spectrum.  http://qualitymanagementinstitute.com. 

Dr. Barclay Brown is the Global Solution Executive for the Aerospace and Defense industry and IoT Solution Architect, in the IBM Watson IoT division. He is co-author of the book Model Driven Systems Engineering with Rational Tools. Dr. Brown received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with master’s degrees in Psychology and Business and PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He is a certified Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP), the former INCOSE Director for the Americas and an Adjunct Teaching Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a Graduate Faculty Scholar at the University of Central Florida.