Voting begins NOW to December 20th, 2017.



The following is an expanded description of the responsibilities and efforts for each position. In addition to the respective position responsibilities board members are expected to attend monthly chapter meetings and quarterly board meetings.

    1. Vice President:  The Vice President/President-Elect shall assist the President and shall assume the duties of the President when the President is unable to perform these duties. The Vice President/President-Elect shall succeed to the position of the President upon completion of his/her term of office or if the President resigns.
      • Maintain, update, and interpret this Chapter Operating Plan
      • Identify, assign/action Chapter leadership (and committee staff/volunteers) and solicit input from Chapter Members with responsibility for specific INCOSE Circle Awards items. Track progress towards achievement of required “proof”, and working with Chapter Secretary capture items in appropriate Chapter repository for later collation and compilation into Circle Awards submission
      • Oversee the implementation of the INCOSE-WMA Chapter Awards Program
      • Work with the Membership Committee Chairman on membership drives and WMA member service
      • Assist the WMA President with all activities as needed
      • Creation of related SOPs
      • Contribute content to the newsletter
    2. Secretary:  The Secretary shall prepare minutes and action from all meetings of the CHAPTER Board and maintain all permanent records. The Secretary shall prepare formal communications between the Board and INCOSE and any other formal communication as required. The Secretary is also responsible for the permanent record storage and maintaining of WMA records, including executive actions and non-meeting motions.
      • Direct the maintenance and correctness of the Chapter records (on-line)
      • Record complete meeting minutes from all WMA chapter meetings,  edit and distribute for comment
      • Assist the President with any procedural questions
      • Provide updates to INCOSE headquarters as required
    3. Director:  The Board shall have two At-Large Director positions for the chapter. The full responsibilities for the position shall be determined by the current chapter  President in conjunction with the rest of the Board, based on the needs of the chapter, and shall remain as the Director’s duties during his  term of office. The Director positions shall be for two years, and shall be staggered terms.
      • Directors have voting rights within the WMA chapter.
      • Directors will be expected to all attend all Chapter meetings and events as warranted
      • Directors fill a unique and special role in the operation of the WMA chapter, and can be expected to be tasked with a variety of work and support to make the chapter successful.
    4. Tutorial Chair:  The Tutorials Committee Chairperson shall manage tutorials, including arranging speakers, facilities, materials, and any other aspects of a full tutorial schedule for the chapter. The Tutorials Committee Chairperson shall create and execute a plan for tutorials in conjunction with the Programs Committee Chairperson to ensure coordination of events.
      • The Tutorial Chair also coordinates and assists with the frequent free tutorials and testing opportunities,  many of which are done after hours and on weekends.
    5. Membership Chair:  The Membership Committee Chairperson shall manage active membership maintenance, including member recruiting and renewal, and research/advise the board of any trends that could result in positive or negative membership levels. The Membership Committee Chairperson shall create and execute a plan for performing the role. These activities will require coordination with the Communications Committee.
      • The Membership Chair will also be responsible to ensure that the INCOSE national records keeping is correct and reflects the true membership lists of the Chapter.
      • The Membership Chair will also represent WMA and assist the larger INCOSE organization with membership growth and expansion opportunities or programs.
    6. Ambassador Chair: The INCOSE Ambassador Chair serves as an important value-added conduit for dissemination of information about Chapter plans, activities, and events. Additionally, he or she will provide the Chapter with organizational feedback as well as insight into what their organizations would like the Chapter to promote or support. In partnership with the INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board (CAB), the Chapter Board of Directors (BoD) may engage the Ambassador Chair in soliciting help from their companies or organizations for use of facilities, sponsorship of events, or other purposes. In turn, organizational participation in the Program may spawn an interest in becoming a CAB member. The Ambassador Chair will also solicit and coordinate other activities with additional Ambassadors within INCOSE WMA.