Thank you to all the chapter members for nominating and voting for the new WMA Board of Directors members. I hope all will give them the support and help they need to keep WMA the largest and arguably one of the best chapters in INCOSE.

The new members of the WMA Board of Directors are:

  1. Vice-President/President-Elect – Ms. Shakila Khan
  2. Secretary – Dr. Kathryn Laskey
  3. Director at Large – Dr. Muhammad Islam
  4. Membership Chair – Dr. Houng Soo
  5. Ambassador Chair – Mr. David Beck

They will be joining Subash, Ruchira, Brian, Bell, DeAnthony, Marshai, Alicia, and myself for the forthcoming year. Congratulations again, and welcome!!

Bill Scheible

President, WMA chapter of INCOSE