On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 @ 6PM-9PM

Presented by Shelley A. Kirkpatrick, MITRE

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A new paradigm—organizational agility—is taking us by storm. Even government agencies are calling for organizational agility in their mission statements. Organizations must sense changes in the environment, make sense of those changes in light of their mission, and respond in a timely and effective manner. Drawing on a wide-range of research, we developed a framework of organizational agility in government. We will lead a discussion on what organizational agility is and describe the framework.

We also developed a feedback tool based on this framework to help organizations understand their current state of agility and begin to find new ways to carry out their work. The Government Organizational Agility Assessment (GOAA) has been administered with several agency units. We will share GOAA results from these units and discuss actions that they identified as important to take to become even more agile. We also will discuss a wide range of actions that organizations can take to become more agile, including using design thinking, experimentation, and rapid prototyping.


Presenter Bio:

Dr. Shelley Kirkpatrick is a Principal at The MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that operates research and development centers for the federal government. She is also an adjunct professor of management at George Mason University and founder of Visiontelligence. A former professor at Carnegie Mellon University and The American University, Shelley has authored more than 35 articles on leadership, motivation, and workforce assessment in academic journals as well as practitioner-based publications. She recently published Build a Better Vision Statement (2016, Lexington Books). Shelley is a former President of the International Society for Performance Improvement’s Potomac Chapter. She also holds certifications as a Human Capital Strategist, in Kirkpatrick Four Levels, and in Human Synergistics’ Impact and Organizational Culture Inventory Assessments.