Systems Engineering – a Renewal of Exploration

Call for Presentations: Systems Engineering in Aerospace and Oil & Gas – 2018

The 2nd Annual Houston Area Systems Engineering conference focuses on opportunities for collaboration and communication in Systems Engineering in the Aerospace and Oil and Gas communities.  The conference program seeks to explore this area by addressing needs, capabilities, and best practices for SE in both environments.

We are currently accepting abstracts for presentations to support the technical sessions in the following topical areas, with the intent of comparing and contrasting Aero and O&G experiences:

  • Value of SE / Success Stories in SE – supporting the business case for systems engineering during existing and/or new development. Presentations that provide insight into the benefits of SE in enhancing project execution success.
  • Requirements development and management – lessons learned and best practices in the full range of requirements, from stakeholder initial involvement through detailed specification development and maintenance. Exploring ways to show alignment with Industry standards and regulations.
  • System Architecting – addressing approaches and methods for synthesizing, assessing, revising, and trading architectures during a system development or revision. Optimization for Operational Efficiency and Retrofit Applications.
  • Test and Verification – presentations focused on the overarching process for ensuring the delivered system addresses ultimate user needs, and on the prototype, developmental, qualification, acceptance, or follow-on testing activities. Proving equivalence in function and performance with Industry standards and regulations.
  • System Integrity – Functional Safety Integrity, Design for Maintainability and Reliability, Leveraging Model Based Engineering, Enhancing Usability via Human Factors
  • Others, depending on abstract content and interest such as Systems Integration, Exploration technology, Systems Security, Digitalization, Analytics


The format is presentation only, no papers required. Presentations will be scheduled in 30 minute time slots with 25 minutes for presentations and 5 minutes for Q&A. No proceedings will be published, although TGCC would like to post presentations to our internal web environment, with the permission of the authors. All presentations must be publicly releasable.

Abstracts may be up to one page in length.


  • 1 Page abstracts due: February 28, 2018 (but if you need more time, please ask – we’re very nice)
  • Abstracts Selected: March 23, 2018
  • Cleared presentations due April 25, 2018
  • Conference date for presenting: May 3, 2018

Conference Location:

Transocean Facility in Greenway Plaza (4 Greenway Plz, Houston, TX 77046)

How to Submit an Abstract:

Interested presenters should submit their one page abstract to

For further information, please contact technical program chair, Tasha Penner at